Valerio Vivaldi

Personal informations

Surname / First name Valerio Vivaldi


Position PhD Student at INAF-Osservatorio di Padova

Research Interests 

Analysis of digital terrain models (DTM), using morphometric analysis techniques and geological interpretation, to characterize the different morphologies of the impact craters, on planetary surfaces. Morphometric analysis is carried out by different software, ESRI Arc MAP, Arc Scene, ENVI and LandSerf. The principal targets of interest are the Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jovian satellites. A future employments will be the cartography of a sector of Mercury.


  • 2009-2012 Master Degree in Geosciences – University of Pavia, Italy
  • 2006-2009 Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and Natural Resouces – University of Pavia, Italy


  • Italian Congress of Geosciences (SGI-SIMP), Milan, Italy, September 10,11,12 2014
  • Italian Congress of Structural Geology (GIGS), Modena, Italy, June, 18,19 2012

Accademic Experience/Teaching and Outreach

  • INAF associate from February 2014
  • State exam for the abilitation as senior Geologist 2012
  • UNITRE Pavia”: Periodic courses of Astronomy, in collaboration with “Cà Del Monte” Astronomical Observatory (Cecima – PV, Italy) . 2006 – 2010
  • “Cà Del Monte” Astronomical Observatory (Cecima – PV, Italy)

List of Publications and Conference Proceedings